It is recommended and in many cases compulsory, for all students participating in sport to wear a mouthguard.  If your son or daughter is playing sport without a mouthguard they may be running the risk of serious dental injury.  Even in non-contact sports, accidents can happen, but damage can be dramatically lessened by wearing a mouthguard.  Off the shelf mouthguards can be poorly fitting and less comfortable to wear.  Getting a mouthguard properly fitted for your child's mouth is the best way to protect their teeth.  It can also reduce head injuries, such as head fractures or concussion.  Designer mouthguards have a wide range of club and school team colours and are made by a qualified Dental Prosthetist using a very tough construction system giving extra protection and comfort. All mouthguards are made here in our clinic in South Australia using Australian products.

Designer Mouthguards will  take impressions for fitted mouthguards for all members or students participating in sporting activities in at their clinic.  Designer Mouthguards will donate $10.00 to your club or school for each mouthguard ordered to assist with the purchase of sporting equipment used by your son or daughter.  Mouthguards can be claimed on your Private Health Fund and payments can be processed with iba health point at our clinic in Hove. We also have full eftpos facilities and process all credit cards except AMEX.

If your child has braces we can provide a customised mouthguard for them at very little out of pocket expense. Your members will pay no more than $150 for a mouthguard (much less and sometimes with no gap with some private health funds) that is designed especially for you or your child and is light and comfortable to wear!   As we are preferred providers for BUPA and Medibank Private, you will receive a greater refund when processed through our clinic if you members of these private health funds.

What do we have to do to take up this fundraising offer?

Very little work is required of you to take up this opportunity for a great fundraiser!  We do all the Work!

We will provide you with a small sign and some flyers to place at your club or school reception.  You just need to advertise this fundraiser in your newsletter or through any other media you use to communicate with members or players, letting them know the day and times  We will make appointments at our clinic with all of your club or school members.

We will coordinate with the right person to make appointments for club members or students to come to our clinic for an impression.  We will process all payments on site or at our clinic so you do not need to collect any monies.  The member or student will receive their mouthguard in a plastic protective container with an information sheet on the care of their mouthguard and we will deliver these either to the club, school or home.  At the end of the financial year we will deliver a cheque to your club or school for the total amount raised by your members.

Only 30 of your members taking up this offer means $300 to your club or school!

We already provide this service for a number of local clubs and schools.  They have found this to be a great way to raise funds with very little work from committee members or parents.

Please contact us on 08 82987272 if you would like to discuss how you can raise money easily for your club or school.

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  • if you consider your facial features are lacking support.

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