When extraction of some or all of your teeth becomes unavoidable, an immediate denture is your best solution.

This process will help you avoid the embarrassment of being without teeth.

Impressions are made of your existing teeth and gums prior to extraction and these are used as working models for the construction of your new dentures.

From these models the Dental Prosthetist is able to copy and construct a denture, duplicating your original teeth or if you so wish, may construct a denture that will improve your appearance.

After your extraction appointment, your immediate dentures are then inserted by your Dental Prosthetist, avoiding the embarrassment of having no teeth during the healing period

What you need to know about Immediate Dentures.

Dental Prosthetists, in most cases have no way of trying the denture(s) in at the prelimanary stage, before your extractions are completed. In some cases, aesthetic compromises may have to be made in favour of structural integrity or limited space.

During the healing period, postoperative instructions from the Dental Surgeon and Dental Prosthetist must be followed carefully. Your gums and bone will recede to a much smaller size, because the tooth sockets are closing. Regular check-ups and maintenance to ensure ideal healing are required. Temporary linings or tissue conditioners may be required to ensure a positive fit. This procedure may be repeated a number of times based on your physiological rate of healing.

At the completion of the healing period, a permanent reline (new fitting surface) or a new denture may be constructed to ensure a comfortable and an exact fit.

  • Your Dental Prosthetists will advise you of the procedure that best meets your specific needs.
  • Temporary liners, tissue conditioner and relines are additional services requiring payment beyond the service of supplying the immediate denture(s).
  • Irreparable damage can be caused if the dentures are not remodelled/relined after initial gum shrinkage, which usually occurs between three and six months.


The denture(s) should be reviewed every two years for remodelling/relining or replacement.

The immediate denture will need adjustment and a temporary lining during the initial shrinkage of the gums. This may need doing several times before the final remodelling of your new denture.

However, some patients believe that they can wear these dentures without any further adjustment.

It cannot be stressed too strongly, that irreparable damage can be caused if the dentures are not remodelled/relined after initial gum shrinkage which usually occurs between three and six months.

Many of our clients choose metal/chrome dentures even though they are a little more expensive because they are lighter and last longer than regular acrylic dentures

When should I make an appointment?

  • if your present dentures are in excess of 2 years old,
  • if they show excessive wear, or are ill fitting and cause discomfort.
  • if you consider your facial features are lacking support.

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