Assessment of a patient requiring a partial denture may vary according to the age of the patient, the patient's attitude, habits and expectations.


Oral hygiene, the condition and position of the remaining natural teeth, as well as the position of the opposing teeth in the mouth, also need to be considered.

A recent check up of your remaining natural teeth by your Dentist is advised prior to the construction of a new partial denture.

Tissues covered by a denture normally do not maintain the same bone density level, and tends to gradually shrink or recede.

It is therefore imperative that your partial denture be reassessed or replaced at regular two yearly intervals.

Natural teeth are continually wearing down due to masticatory forces. These are the Forces that are applied when you eat.

Conservation of the remaining natural teeth is enhanced and wear and tear is minimised, by disturbing those forces of chewing and grinding evenly to all teeth, including any artificial teeth. A partial denture plays a large part in minimising the wearing down of natural teeth.

A partial denture situated around the natural teeth and opposing a full denture usually results in the full denture being more successful and stable. This is due to the better balance and distribution of all the opposing forces involved in chewing, swallowing and speaking and keeping your natural teeth in their proper position.

To become accustomed to your denture more quickly, it may help to cut food into smaller portions, and to master chewing on the premolar (first double teeth) and molar regions (back teeth) first and then on both sides of the mouth at the same time. Consuming non sticky food also helps.

When should I make an appointment?

  • if your present dentures are in excess of 2 years old,
  • if they show excessive wear, or are ill fitting and cause discomfort.
  • if you consider your facial features are lacking support.

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