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Dentures can last for years when they are cared for properly. However, every patient is a different case, and in addition to general wear and tear, the supporting tissue in your mouth actually changes as time goes by. 

Generally, you should get a check-up every two years so your dentures can be remodelled, adjusted or replaced. Even if your dentures feel comfortable, they need to be inspected regularly to make sure that no permanent damage is being done to your mouth.

If you ever find a growth or sore in your mouth, you should seek dental care. The sore may be harmless or it might require some adjustment to your denture, but the only way to know what needs to be done is to have a professional evaluate your situation. 

How Can Repairs Help Your Dentures Last Longer?

Over time, general wear and tear will affect your dentures. Regular inspections and adjustments will allow our denture specialists to identify and correct potential problems before they become larger issues. Our specialists can also adjust your dentures to better serve you as your mouth changes over time. 

Even if your dentures have been adjusted within the last two years, if they are showing excessive wear, causing discomfort or not fitting correctly, you should have them evaluated by a professional.

When Should Dentures Be Replaced Instead of Repaired?

Your dentures will not last forever. Eventually, your old dentures will wear out or your mouth will change to the point where your old set no longer fits correctly. Our dental specialists can help you evaluate your current set of dentures and determine whether they just need to be adjusted or whether new dentures will be better for you.

Let us help you evaluate the quality of your dentures. We serve the Adelaide area. Call us on 08 8298 7272 for a FREE oral examination or contact us to learn more.

You should never consider your first set of dentures as your last.

Many people believe their dentures should last forever, but this is not so. Generally a denture should be reviewed every two years for remodelling/relining or replacement.

Apart from being worn down by continual use, the supporting tissue is actually changing. Even when your dentures feel quite comfortable, they should be inspected regularly to ensure no permanent damage is being done to the mouth.
If ever a sore or growth is discovered, you should immediately seek advice. These areas may be quite harmless and may not require minor adjustment to the denture, but only a professional can evaluate and rectify the situation.  

If you feel you need us to check on the quality of your denture please call us for a FREE oral examination.

When should I make an appointment?

  • if your present dentures are in excess of 2 years old,
  • if they show excessive wear, or are ill fitting and cause discomfort.
  • if you consider your facial features are lacking support.

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