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If you need new dentures, come to Designer Dentures for quick service and caring interactions. Our family-run practice provides same-day repairs and even same-week acrylic dentures. Our dental prosthetists will work with you to provide you with the treatment that is best for you. 

When to Make an Appointment

When you come to us, you will consult directly with a dental prosthetist. That means that you will actually talk to the person who will be manufacturing your new dentures. Because we manufacture the dentures ourselves, in most cases, our clients have a new set of dentures within 1–2 weeks and will generally need only three appointments. 

Even if you already have dentures, you may want to schedule an appointment. Regular maintenance can save you money. Your dentures are an investment that can last for years, and maintaining them properly can ensure your oral health. Regular exams will help identify potential problems before they become an issue. 

You should schedule an appointment in these situations:

  • You need new dentures
  • Your dentures are more than two years old
  • Your dentures show excessive wear
  • Your dentures don't fit well 
  • Your dentures are uncomfortable
  • You feel that your facial features lack sufficient support
  • You can't eat or chew properly

Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation at our office serving the Adelaide region, or scroll down to learn more about the services we offer.

Denture Clinic Services in Adelaide


Have you cracked, broken or lost a tooth, or broken a clasp on your dentures? Do you need a Denture Clinic in Adelaide?

Same Day Repairs For Acrylic Dentures in Adelaide

If you need a Denture Clinic in Adelaide, If you drop your dentures in to our clinic in the morning between 9:00am and 10:00am in most cases we can repair them by 4:00pm the same day.

In some instances, we may need to take an impression for the repair so make sure you call us first to make an appointment on 08 8298 7272. We can let you know how much it will cost and what needs to be done to repair it and discuss with you the reasons it may have broken.

We do same day repairs for all suburbs around Adelaide, including Brighton, Hove, Glenelg and all southern suburbs.

You may be able to claim these repairs on your health fund if covered or if you are on a pensioner or heath concession card we can claim them directly through the Pensioner Dental Scheme, where the Government will pay for over half the cost of the repair.

We have EFTPOS and IBA health point facilities for your convenience to process claims.

For all your denture repairs in Adelaide, and for a Denture Clinic Adelaide, call us on 08 8298 7272.


Implant Retained Dentures in Glenelg

Implant Retained Dentures in Glenelg

Loose dentures can be remedied with the addition of implant anchors positioned by a Dental Surgeon.

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Immediate Dentures

When extraction of some or all of your teeth becomes unavoidable, an immediate denture is your best solution.

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Assessment of a patient requiring a partial denture may vary according to the age of the patient, the patient's attitude, habits and expectations.

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Metal Dentures

Metal or cobalt chrome alloy dentures have superior physical properties and generally occupy less space in the mouth than acrylic dentures.

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Acrylic dentures

Acrylic dentures can be used for all full and some partial dentures.  

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Flexible Partial

Flexible Partial is an unbreakable, removable, non allergenic partial denture that many people find very comfortable.

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When should I make an appointment?

  • if your present dentures are in excess of 2 years old,
  • if they show excessive wear, or are ill fitting and cause discomfort.
  • if you consider your facial features are lacking support.

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